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Testimonials - Helen Sewell

Below is a selection of testimonials*

Wow! What an amazing piece of work. You have managed to capture my feelings on the subject and convey them very well.

Ms M. Rowlands, Essex, UK

I highly recommend Helen. Thank you so much! Ms J. Lech, Bristol, UK

I have had many positive comments about the written content you did for my website!


Mrs M. Kwasniak, UK

WOW!!!!! Helen!!!!!
I am blown away!!!
You smashed it!!!!
I cannot thank you enough. Why did I not come across your website before?! You are now my personal editor.
Thank you so much. The effort really shows through your work!
Mrs S. Ahmed, Birmingham, UK

I want to thank you Helen for a job well done, without your input and effort this book wouldn’t have become the success it is today. Have got many private emails of readers sharing how this book is transforming  their lives and you are a big part of this success story! Looking forward to working with you on the second project. You are a gem and keep on shining!

Mr M. Lawal, Bristol, UK

(Helen) is reliable and trustworthy. I am certainly satisfied with the work she did with me…she is the best teacher I have ever found for proofreading and creative writing.

Mrs M. Battistella, Italy

Thank you once again for such an amazing piece and excellent customer service. 
I am very pleased with what I have received.
You go over and beyond and
your effort does really show through your work.
Mr M. Shakti, Midlands, UK

Thanks a lot for your editing of my paper.  Your corrections are very detailed and fantastic.  That really helps me a lot with my paper and English writing.  I know it took you much time and effort to do the work.  I don’t know what to say, thanks a lot!

​Mr Min Liao, China

Whenever I make a mistake she writes the proper sentence for me. I strongly recommend her…

Mr S. Baek, Seoul, Korea

(Helen is) an honest and responsible person

Mr K. Ochtorena, Barcelona, Catalonia

I had just written my first essay for my degree after a long break and feeling unsure about what I had written I asked Helen to read it through for me. She read it, corrected some spelling and grammar errors but particularly helped with advice on structuring the introduction. I think that her help helped me achieve a first class pass for that first essay which has boosted my confidence in writing for the following essays.

Miss J. Crick, Kent, UK

I am happy with the work. The examples you used are fantastic!

Ms K. Matoa, London, UK

*Some names have been changed for privacy at request of customer. Locations have not been changed.