Some Info on Essay Writing

Do you need help structuring, editing, proofreading or writing an essay or other academic paper? My services are designed to fill this need. If you want the entire weight off your shoulders in terms of getting your work written, I can help there. I have great feedback...

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Academic Proofreading ethics and plagiarism

Ethics of academic proofreading Some universities, academics and students, may feel that there is an issue with academic proofreading ethics. They may feel that because another person has changed the work, it is no longer the genuine product of its author. However, if...

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Academic Proofreading – what how and why?

What is academic proofreading? Academic proofreading is, in essence, the correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It's also picking up formatting mistakes in an academic document. The document can be anything in the academic realm. For example, a...

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How to Choose the Right Proofreader or Editor

There are so many factors to consider when you decide to hire a proofreader or editor for your work. Of course, especially in this day and age the price is a top consideration. However, there is a catch here. The less somebody charges, the less stable their...

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Common Spelling mistakes in English

All but the most expert and diligent make them,  and it seems that all but the most pedantic ignore them, but what are the most common spelling mistakes? I'm basing this on the mistakes I see constantly on the internet and in text messaging. I've chosen a very few of...

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