Manuscript Editing

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Do you need a professional proofread or edit of your book, novel, document, script, fiction or non-fiction manuscript, or something else? I run an established and professional proofreading, editing and writing service which can help you get your document ready to submit to agents or publishers. I have over twenty years experience of proofreading and correction. See the about page for more information about me and the service.

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Whether you want high quality correction of spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, something more in depth, such as a copyedit, or even a complete chop, change and reworking, you need look no further for a highly recommended service. Your work will be honed to read better, which helps to grab the attention of your readers. I will consult carefully with you, and the edit can be as basic or far-reaching as you like.

The services are offered with a ten percent discount for new customers, no matter the length of manuscript.

A proofread is charged at £15 per 1000 words, and an edit at £20 per 1000 words. And there are discounts for higher word counts.

See the full prices and terms for details.

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