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Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading is basically correction of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation, where this is obviously wrong, and querying things that are not clear, but not changing them. Editing goes further, changing structure and improving the flow, and changing things that are not wrong but are not the best choice. Editing takes longer than proofreading alone. Please see full terms page or article for more explanation.


I have updated my costs as of 23rd January 2020. Previous clients may use new costs or stick to old costs up until September 2020.

Academic and Non-Academic Proofreading Costs

Proofreading only

£20 per 1000 words

Proofreading and editing for sense and flow

£25 per 1000 words

Academic only

“Reworking” academic work that you have already written.

£12.50 per 100 words (example, 2000 word essay will cost £250).

This involves adding information and in text references, restructuring where necessary, editing for sense and flow and proofreading. This does not include formatting the reference list, though all the information needed would be provided to the list. Formatting would be charged separately depending on length at £15 per 20 references (or you can do it yourself).

Writing academic work from scratch. Essays, Dissertations, Theses, Articles etc.

£15 per 100 words. (example, 2000 words essay will cost £300).

This £15 per 100 words includes all research time, in text references and a reference list of up to 20 references correctly formatted to your institution’s requirements (to be provided to me before work begins). Further references will be charged for at the same rate as the essay – £15 per 100 words. In order to write from scratch, I normally need the guidelines from your university on what’s required for the work, as well as any other information you can give me. The more information you can give, the better, as it leads to an essay closer to your university’s requirements.


I am happy to offer discounts to returning customers who have had work completed within a year of their next request. The word count is cumulative for the same type of work only (and does not include reference lists). So, for example, if “Jane” asked me to do a “rework” in February of one year, of 5000 words, then another “rework” in January the next year of 8000 words, she would receive a 2.5% discount on 3000 words of that, as she has accumulated 13000 words of “rework.”

However, if she asked for another type of work, such as writing from scratch or proofreading, the discount would not accumulate unless she’d had a previous piece of work done in that category within 12 months of her new request. Here are the discounts.

10000 to 20000 words  – 2.5% discount.

20000 to 50000 words  – 5% discount

50000 plus words 7.5% – discount


50% of cost is payable in advance. The remainder of cost is payable on receiving the document. Payment by paypal or bank transfer.

Releasing document
Documents are initially released to you in uneditable format with a watermark. Once you pay the final remittance they are released to you in editable format. Until the final remittance is paid all parts of the document I have written, or the entire document, remain ,my property, copyrighted to me, and are, namely, my intellectual property. Using any contents of the document, that I have written or reworded, before making payment is a breach of UK copyright and intellectual property rights. After payment, all rights transfer to you.

Revisions and fair use
I am confident you will be happy with the work, but all prices include free amendments or revisions to make your work that extra bit perfect. However, please be as clear as possible about what you want when requesting your work. I cannot make free amendments to work where the brief was not clear in the first place. Amendments are subject to fair use, which I can explain to you more when you order from me.

Turnaround Time
Sometimes as little as 48 hours for smaller documents, if I am free. Essays one to two weeks depending on length. Longer documents such as books etc at least a month. Contact me and ask, but bear in mind I can take up to 48 hours to reply to emails so it’s best to give as much notice as you can.

If you decide to cancel after paying the 50% in advance, I will consider your request but will charge for any time I have already spent on your document, before I get your request. Bear in mind that I may not get your message to cancel immediately and will be working on your document. If I can give you anything back that I’ve done up to that point I will do, but due to preparation time spent before the actual corrections take place on the page, it is possible that you will not get any of your document back in a worked on form.

For this reason I do not advise cancellation, and if you must please do so as early as possible. If you cancel after I’m over 50% through the time needed for the document, you will need to pay any monies owing to me before I can release the proofread/edited document back to you.