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PROOFREADING £15/1000 words - EDITING £20/1000 words - ACADEMIC WRITING £10/100 words - WRITING £15/hour

Summary of Prices and Terms - Helen Sewell

Hello! Welcome. Here is a summary of the Prices and Terms

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Read on for a breakdown of pricing information, below.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading is basically correction of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation, where this is obviously wrong, and querying things that are not clear, but not changing them. Editing goes further, changing structure and improving the flow, and changing things that are not wrong but are not the best choice. Editing takes longer than proofreading alone. There are different types of editing. Copyediting is what I would normally do for clients. It involves the same as proofreading, and then tidying up the work for sense, factual accuracy (where applicable) and readability. Proofreading and copyediting charges are the same for academic or non-academic documents.

Other kinds of editing are more in depth, and may involve completely rewriting, or, what I term as "reworking", all or part of your document. These charges vary according to whether the document is academic or non-academic.


My charges are very reasonable, and less than those recommended by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

Copyediting and Proofreading

I charge £20/£15 per 1000 words for proofreading and £25/£20 for copyediting.



I charge £15/£10 per 100 words for academic writing services. Writing services in this instance means I am writing something for you from scratch, or rewriting part of a document for you, rather than "reworking" something you have already written. "Reworking" is a form of editing, and I will explain this more on contact from you. Reworking is charged at £12.50/£8 per 100 words. Writing services include instances where you provide me with information to work from. The writing can be part of a document, for example you may want part of an article written and the rest edited, in which case I only charge the writing cost for the writing part, and £25/£20 per 1000 words for the rest.


For non-academic writing, I charge per hour. £20/£15 per hour for writing from scratch, and £15/£10 per hour for a rework.


Discounts are applied for work ordered within twelve months of last order, and in same category.

10000 to 20000 words – 2.5% discount.

20000 to 50000 words – 5% discount

50000 plus words 7.5% – discount

Releasing document

Documents are initially released to you in PDF format with a watermark. Once you pay the final remittance they are released to you in document format.


Without Instalment Plan

50% of cost is payable in advance. The remainder of cost is payable on receiving the document. There is a minimum charge of £10 for any document. Payment by paypal or bank transfer and should be made within 48  hours of receiving the PDF unless previously arranged otherwise.

Instalment Plans

For customers ordering for high word counts, it will normally be possible to spread the cost interest free over several weeks or months. In this case, the deposit may be agreed to be less than 50%. The terms of this agreement will be agreed on contacting me. Normally the fully worked on document would not be released to you before payment is made in full.

Revisions and fair use

Once you get the document in PDF form I will make revisions to it if need be, until you are entirely satisfied. This is subject to fair use, which I can explain to you more when you order from me.

Requesting a sample

A sample is up to 300 words that I proofread and/or edit ahead of the entire document. This is in order to check you are happy with my work and make any requests for the ongoing work. The cost is £15. If you go ahead with the work I will not charge you again for that part of the document. I recommend ordering a sample before paying the 50% in advance.

Turnaround Time

Sometimes as little as 48 hours for smaller documents. Essays around one to two weeks depending on length. Longer documents such as books can take more than a month. Contact me and ask.


If you decide to cancel after paying the 50% in advance, I will consider your request but will charge for any time I have already spent on your document, before I get your request. Bear in mind that I may not get your message to cancel immediately and will be working on your document. If I can give you anything back that I've done up to that point I will do, but due to preparation time spent before the actual corrections take place on the page, it is possible that you will not get any of your document back in a worked on form.

For this reason I do not advise cancellation, and if you must please do so as early as possible. If you cancel after I'm over 50% through the time needed for the document, you will need to pay any monies owing to me before I can release the proofread/edited document back to you.