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Do you need some help with an academic project? Essay, Personal Statement, Dissertation, Research Paper, Reflective Diary, and many more . . . All my academic work is done to a high standard. I can write for any level but my work aims towards a 2.1 or 1st Class mark at undergraduate level. I charge £15 per 100 words for academic writing services. That may sound a lot but is about £300 for an average length undergraduate essay, written from scratch with all research done for you (if you want) and including up to twenty references formatted for free in a reference list, plus unlimited in-text references. I can write a whole piece or part of a piece, such as an introduction or conclusion to your work.

“Reworking” is another service I provide, costed at £12.50 per 100 words. I take something you have already written and improve it by restructuring, adding references and information and also making sure it is grammatically correct and flowing.

Writing services include instances where you provide me with information to work from. You can provide as much as you like; the more you do the more likely your document is to fit with your institution’s requirements or your own ideas. If the writing is just part of a document, for example you may want part of an article written and the rest edited, I would charge for the different parts accordingly.

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“What an amazing piece of work. You have managed to capture my feelings on the subject and convey them very well.”

Ms M. Rowlands, Essex, UK

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