Academic Proofreading

Academic Proofreading

Have you ever wished someone else would take the hard work out of writing for you…? Well look no further! I undertake work in any subject, and have a wide range of interests and knowledge. I can edit any paper, as grammar and spelling are consistent across the board, but below is an example of some of potential subject areas for which I am able to undertake academic proofreading:


Teacher Training











Nursing and Care


Animal Studies





So Relax… I have got this.

Let me take the reins of your academic essay, paper or article, while you go do something you love!

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Academic Proofreading Services Offered Include:

Dissertation proofreading/or reworking/or writing

Essay proofreading/or reworking/or writing

Thesis proofreading and/or reworking/or writing

Article proofreading/or reworking/or writing

Covering letter proofreading/or reworking/or writing

Personal statement proofreading/or reworking/or writing

In brief, if you want your grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary errors corrected, you have come to the right place. If you want a little more, such as making your work read and flow better, that is all part of the service. If you need academic proofreading in all and any guise, I can help you.

academic proofreading

4 Reasons You Should Consider Academic Proofreading.

1) Presentation:
It is important to submit work that is well presented, professional and error free.

2) Clarity of argument:
It is easy when writing a thesis to get caught up the complexities of your argument and forget that not everyone who reads your work will know as much about it or its intellectual background as you do. Academic proofreading can alleviate these issues: I will ensure that your prose conveys your argument with clarity and style.

3) Formatting:
Many students struggle with formatting their work, particularly because universities often have idiosyncratic or confusing standards. Academic proofreading and editing will ensure that your thesis is beautiful and I will format it in line with university guidelines.

4) Peace of mind:
Anxiety before submission deadlines is very common, and entirely natural. There are so many things to worry about. If you’ve utilised my academic proofreading service you can be confident that your thesis will be well expressed, well formatted and error free.

Why Choose Me To Do Your Academic Proofreading?

Unlike other services that give a quick result but often at the expense of attention to detail, I give a personal bespoke service. So I like to work closely with my clients to get results that satisfy them first time, and on the rare occasions this doesn’t happen, I offer unlimited* revisions to make sure your work is as good as it can be!

But sometimes you need a bit more than proofreading, so, I can take what you’ve written and improve on it, restructuring it and adding extra references and details. This is called reworking.

Last, but not least, I offer academic writing services. I can write something for you from scratch. In both reworking and writing, I aim for a 2.1 or 1st Class grade essay.

Why Bother With A Proofreading Service?

With a high percentage of marks available for good grammar and spelling and an increasing number of students in higher and further education, it’s now more important than ever to stand out! If you have a few doubts about your accuracy, don’t worry. I am here to help. I am highly experienced both with native British English speakers and with foreign national students. Having a background as an English as a Foreign language teacher for 20 years has given me a great insight into the kinds of mistakes people make – nothing gets past me! The testimonial above was from a mature student who had not written an essay for some time, and her words speak for themselves. You can see more testimonials.

Please do be advised, I cannot guarantee that you will get better marks, as I’m not in control of your tutors. However, in my experience, my work has always seen an increase in marks for my clients, some a very great increase as in the above testimonial. I also highly recommend that you use my input as a guide only, to improve on your own work. However, you own the finished product once you’ve paid, so what you do with it is up to you.

In these days of spelling and grammar checkers, some people wonder what the point is of paying a professional to correct their work or copy for them. Unfortunately there is a world of difference between correct spelling and grammar and what these checkers can achieve.

Look for example at the amount of spell checked documents that retain American English – that’s not really giving a great impression if you are a UK based student. Also machine checking, no matter how good, is not comparable to having a real life native British professional do the job of looking over your work. Electronic grammar checkers are frequently wrong and do not account for sense and flow of documents. There’s also no accurate way to check punctuation mechanically. Besides, checking your spelling isn’t going to weed out mistakes like mixing up there, their and there. Having marked essays myself as both an EFL teacher and English tutor, I know how much more impressive it is if the document is well written and that the level of accuracy adds monumentally to the ease of reading and comprehensiveness of documents.

Over To Me…

Whether you are on a college course, a degree course, are a postgraduate student or academic, sometimes you need to let someone else take the pressure off you. I have years of experience of helping people just like you. If you have any doubts about the correctness of your written work, in order to maximise your impact on your readers, you cannot go wrong by getting your work checked over by a professional.


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