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PROOFREADING £15/1000 words - EDITING £20/1000 words - ACADEMIC WRITING £10/100 words - WRITING £15/hour

About - Helen Sewell
Picture of Helen Sewell Proofreader
Helen Sewell BA(Hons) Proofreader and Editor

Helen Sewell BA (Hons), CELTA


Hello, and a warm welcome to I provide a Proofreading and Editing service based in the United Kingdom.

This resource is for anyone, whether UK based or not, looking for quality proofreading and editing in British English. I offer a bespoke service, depending on your requirements. Click on the menu to find out more!

Services include:

Proofreading (Corrections)
Editing of documents
Writing services
Academic proofreading
Academic writing advice

Unlike some other services which employ hundreds of staff working with hundreds of different people per week, you will receive both personalised and professional assistance from me. Above all, my work has been highly recommended by former customers. Look here for more information about standard proofreading and editing.

Here you'll find more information about academic proofreading and editing and here you will find more information on writing services. I look forward to your contact

About the service

I provide top class fully corrected and edited documents in British English with notes explaining the corrections if desired. I have offered a proofreading and editing service for several years. Consequently I am have extensive experience in working with both native British speakers and foreign nationals. I've also worked with both professionals and students, so have a very good understanding of the kind of mistakes different groups of people can make.

My background includes proofreading, editing and reworking essays, papers, books, CVs, covering letters, job applications and more, for people all over the world. I have a First Class BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics, and 20 years experience as an EFL teacher. Therefore I am skilled in correcting and restructuring copious amounts of written work, and with a Certificate in English Language teaching to Adults (Grade B) to top it off I am well equipped to handle your proofreading and editing project.

More about me and the service

I love writing and have produced a large amount of creative work, such as short stories, poems and song lyrics, being also a folk/blues guitarist, and am currently writing my first novel. I've also written non fiction, such as academic materials for teaching, website copy and blog posts.

I am well placed to give advice to students on essay structure and flow, and can lend my expertise to hone any piece of writing to your requirements.

You will receive corrections or suggested corrections with a full explanation (where requested). I clearly explain any suggested corrections to you, the client.