Prices and Terms

This page is a more lengthy description of the prices and terms. If you want something more snappy, have a look at the brief Summary of Prices and Terms.

I have updated my costs as of 23rd January 2020. Previous clients may use new costs or stick to old costs up until September 2020.

On this page:
Proofreading and Editing
Turnaround Time

Proofreading and Editing – Academic and Business or Non-Academic

I want to be transparent with my prices. This is why when you contact me you will need to agree that you are happy with the prices before we proceed, unless you just want to ask a general question.

 I charge a flat rate of £15 per 1000 words for proofreading. This is lower than the recommended minimum price of the society for editors and proofreaders, and so I believe it represents great value for money. I also offer free revisions** to your document once I’ve finished it to get it exactly how you want it, so you can’t say fairer than that! I can proofread absolutely anything, from a first year undergraduate essay to a UN declaration on climate change, from a book on fishing to an instruction manual, from a romantic novel to a journal article about nuclear physics.

In a nutshell, proofreading means correcting obvious errors in spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, or highlighting them with notes so you can self correct.

Editing is charged at £20 per 1000 words. It’s more in depth and includes changing vocabulary, grammar and structure to make your document more readable. Again, I can edit anything, as with proofreading: novels, leaflets, website content, UN declarations (I don’t get too many of those . . .). With academic work, I edit for “sense and flow”, making your essay look and read better, as well as cutting out dead wood like repetitions and stuffy waffle. You can see a better explanation here.

Academic Writing Services – For all essays, dissertations, articles etc.

Looking for writing services that aren’t academic? Look no further than this link!

All my work is done to a high standard, and aims towards a 2.1 or 1st Class mark at undergraduate level. I charge £15 per 100 words for academic writing services. That may sound a lot but is about £300 for an average length undergraduate essay, written from scratch with all research done for you (if you want) and including up to twenty references formatted for free in a reference list, plus unlimited in-text references.

“Reworking” is another service I provide, costed at £12.50 per hour. I take something you have already written and improve it by restructuring, adding references and information and also making sure it is grammatically correct and flowing. Writing services include instances where you provide me with information to work from. You can provide as much as you like, the more you do the more likely your document is to fit with your institution’s requirements or your own ideas. The writing can be part of a document, for example you may want part of an article written and the rest edited, in which case I only charge the writing cost for the writing part.

See article Proofreading and Editing – What’s the difference?

If you are happy with the terms here, then you would select order work from me on the contact page, agree to the terms and conditions and send me your document. I will then let you know if I can do your work and when by. Be sure to let me know of any deadlines. If you are happy to go ahead, you would then need to pay 50% of the price in advance using Paypal or bank transfer. I normally use Paypal because it offers buyer protection, and I want you to feel safe handing over money. It’s your choice to use a bank transfer if you prefer. Once I receive your advance payment I will be committed to your project. You are not committed to anything before you make the payment so you can decide not to go ahead with the project at that stage. If you change your mind after payment please see Cancellation and Refunds below *

Once I’ve finished I will send you a PDF of the document with a watermark for you to look at and satisfy yourself it’s ok. At this point, the whole of the document, or the parts of the document I have written, are copyright to me, Helen Sewell. They are my intellectual property until you have paid in full, upon which all intellectual property rights over the document are transferred to you. 

I am confident you will be happy with the work, but all prices include free amendments to make your work that extra bit perfect. However, please be as clear as possible about what you want when REQUESTING work. I cannot make free amendments where the brief was not clear in the first place.

If there are still necessary revisions I will make them free of charge until you are happy. ** Once you are satisfied with the document I will ask for the remainder of the remittance. and then release the document to you in .doc format (with track changes if required – please state clearly when ordering if you want me to use track changes as it can’t be applied afterwards. Also be aware that having track changes enabled can slow down the editing process).


I want to encourage returning customers, and as a freelancer it’s not just about the day job, its about forming relationships with the people I work with. Therefore I offer discounts for returning customers. This is for a first document, or is accumulative for any work they have had done within the previous twelve months.

So, for example, if you asked me to do a “rework” in February one year, of 5000 words, then another “rework” in January the next year of 8000 words, you would receive a 2.5% discount on 3000 words of that, as you have accumulated 13000 words of “rework.”

However, if you asked for another type of work, such as writing from scratch or proofreading, the discount would not accumulate unless you’d had a previous piece of work done in that category within 12 months of your new request. Here are the discounts. They apply to everything on the site, academic, business or personal. 

10000 to 20000 words – 2.5% discount.

20000 to 50000 words – 5% discount

50000 plus words 7.5% – discount

Turnaround time

I can sometimes turn smaller things around with as little as 48 hours notice, so please ask – it depends how busy I am. But please bear in mind, I can also take up to 48 hours to reply to emails, if I’m busy, so it is better to give more notice. Normally I would like at least a week’s notice for shorter projects such as essays, articles and leaflets, and for longer ones such as books or theses I may need a month or more depending on the length. I’ll of course tell you when you contact me if I cannot do your work in the time you want so you can try elsewhere.

Cancellation and Refunds

*On rare occasions you may change your mind after you’ve paid the 50% in advance. Because I will no doubt have started work on your document, it will only be possible to refund any difference between the time I’ve taken already and your payment. If I have begun the actual corrections I will send you back what I’ve done to date, however the actual proofreading/editing only starts after a thorough preparation process, so there may not be any change to your document at that stage.

With writing, there may be nothing written at all by that stage, as there is a lot of preparation and planning before words go on paper in a comprehensive form, especially with academic work.

Bear in mind that I may not get your message to cancel immediately and will be working on your document. Because of this please only cancel where it cannot be avoided as I’d much prefer to complete the work and you to get what you paid for. If my time has gone over the 50% already, you will need to pay for what I’ve done. If you do not I will not be able to release any work to you. 

There are only a very few circumstances where I would be able to issue you a refund of your deposit after I’ve finished the work, as I offer free revisions to your document to hone it to your requirements. It is important that you are prepared to clearly demonstrate what is wrong and what you want me to revise, so that I am given a fair chance to put things right before even considering a refund. It’s also very important that you are clear about your requirements when you order the work, as to expect me to correct work for free that I’ve done according to the guidelines given because you missed something out or got it wrong is unfair. It remains at my discretion if I refund your deposit money once I’ve done your work. You will find me a reasonable and attentive person to communicate with so hopefully this situation will never arise. I would ask that you remain polite in any communication with me and I will always try my best to ensure your work is well received. 

The only other circumstance in which I will issue a refund of your deposit is if I am unable to complete the work for some reason. This has never happened yet, but remains a possibility. 

Ready to order? Go to contact me and select “order work”. If you are not sure about anything and wish for further clarification, please contact me and select general query. 


** I’ll work with you to make your document just how you want it, but the revisions will be subject to fair usage. Please ask me more about this when we discuss your work.

When I have finished your work, the whole of it or parts that I have written remain my intellectual property, that is, copyright to me, until payment is released, when it becomes your property. Therefore, it is highly unethical to attempt to use the work unless you have become the legal owner through payment.

It is perfectly legal in the UK to use services such as mine for your academic work. Once you own the work I would strongly advise that you treat it as a guideline to improve upon your own writing. However, what you use it for once you own it, is up to you and you take full responsibility for this. If you live outside the UK it is your responsibility to check your own country’s laws.